Posted on October 24, 2019


I got a good answer to a simple question on the forum yesterday, and I’m going to have enough to share by the end of today (because I really do now :-)). (the codepen is here) I wonder if there might be groups of teachers using it to make stuff…especially, specifically OER. Searching got me this article from *yesterday* (!!) — it’s the fifth anniversary of and the founder wrote about it including some changes. To wit:

We’ve combined retro-computing aesthetics with modern accessibility best practices. The result is new look I call “Command Line Chic.”β€Œ

Oh, I like that idea, especially since I am still back in retro thinking πŸ˜‰ (and of course I’m enjoying EARNING BADGES on the forum… and seeing that StackOverflow is having pains, too, as moderators are quitting…) I get emails from the LinkedIn course that I’m using to learn CSS (but I’ll check out freecodecamp for that too)… with “top questions” but all the links that tell me I’ll go to questions just dump me on the course. Huge difference between that and the freecodecamp actual dude answering the dumb questions πŸ˜‰

Hoping it’s a quiet Thursday… (and praying for ways to help diminish the evil happening…) … and … oh, the lunch laps made me think I should tweak my Javascript functions and break them apart… instead of having a “make fact” and a “check me,” I should have different parts so that, say, the “reviewMissed” process is its own thing and someboyd else could do something different.