Tea Time

Posted on October 19, 2019


… as in caffeine enough to get focused 😉

Today’s my monthly “#mtbos ambassador day,” based on concerns that #mtbos needs to be sure to be welcoming and it’s all kinds of busy. I remembered the concern that it not be a clique where new voices just whisper into the void and feel like they walked into somebody else’s party, but seems people are being welcomed and directed to the lists of folks.

… and it is the envy of folks in other disciplines…

… and I’m wallowing in JavaScript / CSS because my brain doesn’t like “layout.” Still… content, padding, border, margin… I can turn “layout” into text in my mind 🙂 Mainly, though, I want to have two usable columns … but yea, I want it to be “sensitive”so if you’re on the phone it does different. “Flexbox” is probably the way to go and happily the LinkedIn course uses codepen… now to put the silly thing *on* my site.

And it worked! It took more than a half hour instead of oh, six minutes … but eventually the desire to make sjure this could *possibly* work on the site was a little stronger than the “so what?” and the “you need to figure out more first!” part. So NEXT — AFTER A BIKE RIDE and oh, some housework… Figure out the layout …

… then figure out the “big layout” as in… this is just “twos times tables in order,” with review if you miss one but it’s not ( as basic as I want to start (it’s recall, not building the knowledge)… and I want interactive visual and… and…) but THE POINT of doing this was that the practice that’s out there is too scrambled. So I want to have Videos and Quizzes That Go With Them For Each Fact, at least one.

… let’s try to have zeroes, ones actually done this weekend and *maybe* tens and twos.

Sigh, and SCORING.

Oh, and then … instead of videos, web slide shows where you get to click and interact. (Again glad the videos are short :))