Posted on October 18, 2019



We’re getting a grant… it’s stressing folks out… not me ’cause a: it doesn’t change anything I do and b: I’d have to have executive functioning abilities to comprehend it. Basically we have a semester + summer to get 150 people trained and employed. $$, but not time.

Pretty busy today and … I’m pretty terrible-awful at styling things. Much better at JavaScript (tho’ that’s not saying much!). That said, I should be capable of reading about accessible visual layout (BIG buttons, not tiny little radio things like Connect has… )

I am pretty sure I can use >1 script files so yes! I can have all the silly math facts in one, and The Other Stuff in the other. Oy. I could have The Visual Stuff in the other. It would be almost like object oriented.

Okay, my goal is to get this to where somebody else might say “hey, I see what you are trying to do here! Can I help?”

And the next thing I need to know is that visual block design thing. But it’s 4:56. Student working on pretty awesome little essay … “wish I had a computer at home.” *Now* is aware that … ourlibrary will check out Chromebooks for 3 days, except didn’t have ID (and at 3 minutes ’til 5, no, we’re not going to try to navigate w/o it especually since it’s really almost done and due Tuesday…)