Posted on October 16, 2019


Sometimes it works 🙂

So a student who’s king of shortcuts and number sense and (what’s the opposite of king? pawn?) … well, gazes at the question about divisibility by 9 and “nobody ever taught them that!!!”

Well, I know they were … shall we say… exposed to the rule.

I went back over divisibility by 2, 5 and 10 and going down the chart and seeing the repeating digits (this one knows lots of times tables, but keeps the chart handy) … then I just slid my finger under 18 and said … what’s 1 + 8? Slid down… 2 + 7…. took about five… and “Nobody ever taught me that!”

Welp, nobody *engaged* the brain. No guarantees but I’ll wager it sticks better this time.

… and I need to be doin’ the tutorials while doin’ the creating. I am the queen of If statements… but I think I’m going to have a “case” situation…

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