Lots of visits

Posted on October 7, 2019


Big spike in visits yesterday … over 100… but only 5 visitors so I rather suspect a bot. It’s not my *website* which I’ve actually spent a little time on… and I’m not motivated to p;r;owl around for details becaues I’m striving to figure out this javascript thing.

I’ve figured out how to get input in and see if it matches the answer… but only one thing, from a template. I figured out how to pluck a question from an array thereof. I’m stuck at getting properties from said question. I’m hoping it’s a not-too-long process of gnawing through and *learning,* I went through the first half of a lynda.com course to remind me of the basics and … the basics have changed and things are wicked powerful.

I remember wondering why the original thing didn’t do that and figuring it out (a variable was made that way, and the variable didn’t change once it was established) and probably all I have to do is figure out how to do that. I also wonder though about putting a function into my mathFact object.

This is fun. Would be much much much more fun if it were w/ other folks… if I can figure this out then I will explore that but that kind of exploration takes my whole brain.

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