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Posted on October 5, 2019


So, I remembered — and now I remember how I found it: free code camp… and I remember wondering when I dove into it over a winter break whether maybe this was going to have community to build ed stuff.

So. Okay. Time to spend one hour seeing if I can apply what I learned in to the “almost works” times table thingy on codepen.

So. I have a thing that might work. It is 1:55. No, I haven’t really applied anything new but I did successfully navigate what *variables* I could assign new values to, vs. say an inbox being an element so I had to do the getElementByID thing. Happily, my web host’s editor flagged a thing that codepen didn’t (misisng a /text tag or two, tho’ I had to find from stackoverflow what the error message that said something entirely different meant).

Ok, there are tons of times tables quizzes online. How do I make this one “meaning based” ?

  1. Do the sequence of the rule-based to the count-by-that (the ones that are factors of ten), etc.
  2. Figure out how to do what Simon Sounds It OUt did back in 1997 when if you missed a thing it showe d up left right and sideways. (I know how I want to do it, but executing ;))

    that’s a big deal 😉

  3. Get the videos online too.
  4. Set up the online stuff so that it’s sort of like a learning managemetn system course that a person can work through, but don’t make it have to work totally independently b/c hopefully people will find it useful because of the sequence and the videos. Then (I can dream, can’t I?)
  5. Put in the cool stuff that keeps score with the visuals … recall the Principles Of Game Design (need to find that little list… stuff like starting easy and inspiring confidence…)

… but now I need to remember where to go to find the “make quizzes with picking random quesitons” template 😉

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