Next step :)

Posted on October 3, 2019


Finished the captions!

Last week I was doing the “tech” part of orientation with our special “run around at the last minute to see if we can get a few more students enrolled” version of orientation, and I looked around our portal to try to remember the important stuff (mainly I make sure everything just works), and asked if student had heard of and her eyes lit up, YES! Microsoft bought it so now it’s … whatever they call it now, but it’s part of our package for being a Microsoft campus.
Well, there was a chance this studnet *wouldn’t* get a schedule for midterm but … she’s psyched and I bet I know what she’ll be doing if that happens 😉
… and it reminded me that templates aside, d’oh… courses in JavaScript. So after captions… (between students…) dude, I know array syntax. Tomorrow I should get to the mysterious nuances of replacing things in the document. If not, this weekend … I will have my first quiz up. So Sayeth The Sue, especially since the “essentials” includes … countdown timer.

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