Posted on September 30, 2019

0 The Cambridge Math espressos are good, succinct summaries of assorted research. So, the computer practice has good motivation but another study showed timed stuff could lead to “some associated maths anxiety effects” — but also that yes, gradually decreasing the time helped students graduate from slower approaches to faster recall.

There was the contrast between knowing the facts meaning you had more working memory to think about other math ideas and that folks with otherwise good working memory could pay so much attention to how well/fast they were working that anxiety would do the interfering with working memory instead.

So! I did a ten mile ride yesterday (and then store run so over 500 on the month) *and* discerned that the thing that wasn’t working on my Javascript quiz was because the video was doing it all on one page. When I put everything in the HTML it works.

So, I need to adjust the text a little… adn then I could do totally random times tables. That would work for doing all of them, and for doing oh, one table.

However, I should be able to pick from an array of problems the way I did with geogebra, and hopefully do stuff with arrays so that if something is in the “missed this!” array, it gets lots more practice.

Now, I had to fix a typo (dash for equals sign in assigning function to button)… and this is *not* the stuff to do when multitasking (I saved the caption revisions for that ;)).

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