Posted on September 28, 2019


The good stuff: YouTube’s autosynch seems to be moderately awesome. I re-did the Ones Times tables and made sure my script pretty much matched what I said. I uploaded it in the “autosynch.” A few minutes later, YES. Reasonably good captions. (Okay, I don’t actually use them often myself so I don’t know what would make them really good.) Yes, I want to figure out things like how it figures out when to break things and how much to stick on the screen at once… but it works.

Rest of this post is more for me. It is helpful when I read back to see stuff I’ve actually finished 😉 Okay, it’s on a google doc, task one is DON E (making the playlist which might not be right bit it’s there The one I redid was the only one that didn’t want to make captions.

The audio is really inconsistent b/c different computers, different headsets.

There are 20 videos. The plan:

  1. Caption the rest of them. They’ve all got automatic ones now so I don’t mind sharing them.
  2. Go indieweb with it. Make my own web page w/ videos & link to for the quizzes that aren’t a perfect match at beginning and won’t have specific cumulative.
  3. Figure out how to make quizzes — I found a “guess the number” on codepen. If I do figure it out, send codepen some $$.
  4. Go *really* indieweb with it. Instead of powerpoint, web pages to click through with interaction.
  5. If there’s a lumen learning hackathon, do some of this w/ H5P. I missed the September one but they *say* they will do one every month. I can do it ahead of time of course 😉

But right now must make self ride bicycle.

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