Posted on September 24, 2019


So, I’ve actually…. gotten that times tables course done.

Now what? I’ts “done” … on the college’s learning management system in a course nobody is connected to.

Next step: at least put the *content* up on my site.

I did some mad scanning for making quizzes and … codepen doesn’t seem to have any “arithmetic” quizzes where you enter the answer. I didn’t find anything exciting just searching around, either. It’s pretty much all multiple guess.

I wouldn’t mind having buttons with the numbers on them to click … and in the meantime I’m wanting to take things to the next level and have more connecting representations kinds of things to bring the visuals to the front.

I went to H5P and was reminded that no, doing stuff in math is just not on their radar (hey, at least they’re out front with that)… but since this is just entering numbers… I found a cute “interactive video” example — I could ask questions in the videos!! — except when I clicked “make something like this” it took me to a page asking for money.

So I went back to the front page — I’d logged in — and the content I made with the “hackathon” was still there and … I’ve been a member for over 2 years, it says, so it’s no “trial period” thing. So… sniffing ’round will happen. I could totally do my whole thing in H5P but I don’t know if people could use it. Would they have to pay to be allowed to use the stuff they get there, even though it’s “open and free” in license?

They’re going to do another “hackathon” … wonder if they’ll get more than 8 people. But mainly I wonder how to make a stupid quiz.

But “next thing” — put the stuff up on my site. Then make playlist at Youtube.

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