deja vu

Posted on September 23, 2019


I’ve successfully uploaded the videos to my online course in our learning management system. Nobody can get to it, though, unless they’re at Parkland (and that would be if I did a bunch of other stuff).

Now, “Canvas Commons” has stuff that the whole world can get to.

I abandoned Canvas when they promised for the Nth time that they’d have “quizzes next” and didn’t. That was 2016 or so. I just searched for swapping quizzes over and … nope, not gonna happen.

Yes, I could make the quizzes again and I’ll give it half an hour of my time to discern whether or not you can do “Save and copy,” because starting over with every question is not a thing I will do. That time would be better spent figuring out …. doing it out in the #indieweb, or Moodle. If only I could bring the Canvas community out there…

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