False start…

Posted on September 22, 2019


OER was a frequent topic of discussion at our tech summit Friday. There are still people who don’t know about it — bringing to mind my analogy of OER to bicycles. People who are in car culture have trouble wrapping their minds around the notion of doing something … that isn’t pre-packaged and ready to roll, costing tons of money, and setting you up for all kinds of hidden expenses and contributing to all sorts of inequities.

Like bicycles, OER needs infrastructure and culture change to thrive and get past being a niche community.

One of our humanities folks spoke of Illinois Community Colleges forming a consortium to develop online, interactive OER.

Did I mention the need for infrastructure and culture change?

I did a search for Illinois OER and go to ...this page. It seems to be “Illinois OER” but … not that a person can tell. Oh, and I signed up and picked a password, then got the email confirmation and put a little in my profile and … every time you go into profile “password does not match!” so you can’t get out. I mean, mayhbe you can but … One of the fields in the profile didn’t work… and while there seems to be some information for developers there doesn’t seem to be a way to communicate through this venue. I wonder if I’d actuallyh be able to share anything.

That said, the most recent resource is from…. Friday. So maybe 🙂 NIU is one of its keywords. More exploring to be done!

Hmmm. Note to self: anticipate continued analogosity. Communities are likely to be like bicycling groups: extremely varied… and with a tendency towards being outwardly “welcoming” but somehow if you don’t know everything they do (or can ride that fast) you just get dropped…. b ut the key is to keep at it and build your own welcoming community.