Fall Starts :)

Posted on September 21, 2019


Not to be confused with False Starts, tho’ heaven knows they seem to be frequent.

Things learned from summit: lots of people are curious about GIMP. I approached it from “This is how I make sure the content in my OER is *mine*” which seemed to matter based on the nods and comments. The 12-minute-takeaway is person at one of those 5-6 person learning stations w/ computer that projects to a bigger monitor. It woudl totally lend itself to “hands on” wiht six cables so that we could take turns but they’d have all had to have GIMP on there.

I could have done a thing on making an animated gif too I think. Most other takeaways were about more teachery stuff (making videos for introductions, grading stuff) but also Word accessibility features. Google Virtual Reality was in there too but

I’m still trying to figure out how to make more sharing happen online for people like me who are in caves 😉 I might get to my geogebra thing this weekend… but with only 3 6 7 and 8 to go in the times tables, that’s priority and… things around the house.

Looking at bigger picture, though: turns out another of our faculty is really frustrated with the lack of good interactive materials that are Open Educational Resources. He said Illinois community colleges should form a consortium and get some programmers and stgart designing the stuff that we’re missing. He wants listening exercises for language… Where are these people in the OER community? Have they all been hired up by Pearson or people making corporate training? (That’s what somebody said the job openings were in…) He said all we lacked was will.

tTre was other discussion (the session was on “technology and assignments”) about managing things like having the answers somewhere online. But now it’s time to try to make something of this weekend…

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