Posted on September 14, 2019


I very briefly tried out doing a “wordpress b log” on my actual site. Hey, #indieweb is something I admire.

Right now there are more than 23,000 spam comments on it.

So… nope, not a blog. That said, the freecodecamp.org emails inspire me to at least attempt HTTP and CSS and Javascript. I’ve done that second half of geogebra but … the first half is at school so my attempt to “put something out there and see if anybody will talk about it” … will wait ’til Monday.

I’m going to talk about GIMP at the tech summit Friday 🙂 That and …. times tables… are in front of HTTP et al … and of course Students are in front of all of it, but I have had windows of opportunity and even some moments of inspiration.

I reminded a student that … it would be more efficient to actually read and think about the material in question first, then do the online activities, than it was to do the “find it on Google wtihout engaging” strategy. I am thinking there will be a failure incident and I hope that wiser choices are made…

Then there was the “I suck at this so tell me what to do” … when “what to do” was copy a formula into an excel cell and yes, we knew that but somehow “I don’t know how to do formulas.” I appreciated that the student *wasn’t* adept at “oh, something I can copy without thinking!” but sometimes it’s good to be able to say “I’m going to go help ____ — you let me know when you’ve typed it in” (especially since not being a mind reader, I don’t know if there was a “brain freeze trigger” of some sort happening that needed space).

I’m being grossly inefficient myself but will strive to Do Whatever Is Necessary To Make This Happen. It’s picking which thing that’s the challenge 😉 I need to make the fours second half movie from the almost finished powerpoint (future plan: redesign that strategy for HTTP so that *you* click to get to the next “slide” which will of course have audio and captions etc … and actual interaction — but **first** is having a deliverable THING TO SHARE.) Then it’s the 3’s, which will include it being the square root of nine, and then the sixes (incljuding the relationship of “even multiples of 3”)… and then 7’s and 8’s because that’s all that’s left. ‘

Then it’s make it deliverable on D2L… then on Canvas… then add at least 5 more number sense interactions (like finding ten percent of a number and more halving and doubling, and some more division for “1/5 of 100” and that sort of thing).

By end of semester? (Hint: personal strategy is to set s l o w version and then “see if you can get ahead!” because my ego likes to win!) And nanowrimo might inspire my graphic novel math story 🙂

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