Posted on September 9, 2019


I’ve been reasonably focused and engaged today — hey, it’s Monday! — but alas, productive? No. Trying to work w/ Geogebra and there are too many weird little things I don’t know yet. So when I try to take my version that would do either all the times tables or just the nines and make it just the nines, well, getting rid of one thing automatically deleted some other stuff. Except it tdidn’t *delete*it. When I tried to make it again, it made PickedProblemSub1 instead.

And that just took time. So it’s already 5:00 and yea, I’m here ’til six (and yes, it was periodically busy and good things happened)… but … tomorrow I’ll prob’ly make the Thing be trying to do more times tables powerpoints…

And … I tried again to replicate and … no, even without deleting things that might be connected it just decides it needs to make more of the same variable — creating a button seems to create its own invisible boolean so if you click a button and say in the script to set the value of some other boolean, it makes a new one eveyr time you click it.

Hmmm. I think I’ll allow for 5 of these and then bail for javascript. There are huge jpotential advantages to doing things in the geogebra community but bottom line is if I can’t do them, then ain’t no community and ain’t no advantage.

Things were working (I think) … but I wanted to replicate in what felt like a more organized sequence of steps.

Welp, if it doesn’t work, don’t do it. Obviously my organization concept is different from Geogebras…

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