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September 30, 2019

0 The Cambridge Math espressos are good, succinct summaries of assorted research. So, the computer practice has good motivation but another study showed timed stuff could lead to “some associated maths anxiety effects” — but also that yes, gradually decreasing the time helped students graduate from slower approaches to faster recall. There was the contrast […]


September 28, 2019


The good stuff: YouTube’s autosynch seems to be moderately awesome. I re-did the Ones Times tables and made sure my script pretty much matched what I said. I uploaded it in the “autosynch.” A few minutes later, YES. Reasonably good captions. (Okay, I don’t actually use them often myself so I don’t know what would […]


September 24, 2019


So, I’ve actually…. gotten that times tables course done. Now what? I’ts “done” … on the college’s learning management system in a course nobody is connected to. Next step: at least put the *content* up on my site. I did some mad scanning for making quizzes and … codepen doesn’t seem to have any “arithmetic” […]

deja vu

September 23, 2019


I’ve successfully uploaded the videos to my online course in our learning management system. Nobody can get to it, though, unless they’re at Parkland (and that would be if I did a bunch of other stuff). Now, “Canvas Commons” has stuff that the whole world can get to. I abandoned Canvas when they promised for […]

False start…

September 22, 2019


OER was a frequent topic of discussion at our tech summit Friday. There are still people who don’t know about it — bringing to mind my analogy of OER to bicycles. People who are in car culture have trouble wrapping their minds around the notion of doing something … that isn’t pre-packaged and ready to […]

Fall Starts :)

September 21, 2019


Not to be confused with False Starts, tho’ heaven knows they seem to be frequent. Things learned from summit: lots of people are curious about GIMP. I approached it from “This is how I make sure the content in my OER is *mine*” which seemed to matter based on the nods and comments. The 12-minute-takeaway […]


September 14, 2019


I very briefly tried out doing a “wordpress b log” on my actual site. Hey, #indieweb is something I admire. Right now there are more than 23,000 spam comments on it. So… nope, not a blog. That said, the emails inspire me to at least attempt HTTP and CSS and Javascript. I’ve done that […]

Navigating online courses

September 13, 2019


ONe of my rather many duties is helping students register. Sometimes they’re reluctant to register for an online course but schedule or “it’s the only section open” mandate it. I tell them that one of the other things I do is help people figure out their online courses — that no, I can’t do the […]


September 9, 2019


I’ve been reasonably focused and engaged today — hey, it’s Monday! — but alas, productive? No. Trying to work w/ Geogebra and there are too many weird little things I don’t know yet. So when I try to take my version that would do either all the times tables or just the nines and make […]