fry day!

Posted on August 31, 2019


… fortunately there were gaps — such as after lunch for what felt like hours! Only when I told the student it had been quiet for hours I looked up and it was 1:50 and lunch ended at 1:00 😉

There’s a math class what ends 10:50 and they know I do lunch so about 5 of them stream on down for that hour. Fortunately they’re staying ahead so … yes, we have to figure out the stuff but we do. Then in comes mom w/ 3 rambunctious kiddos from inmyarms to prob’ly 5 who needs to know about getting ready for assessment. Oh, and 9-10 was a class full of folks getting the Reading Plus assessment done.

Actually, I don’t like the fact that yes, I had three people there of Friday afternoon … but two were friends waiting for my guy to finish the Pre-Algebra stuff… but … his teacher is doing it like everybody had to do it last year. This year there’s a new course captain who hasn’t changed much… but … they don’t have to copy all the problems and do them on the right color paper… exactly the structure I would have thought anal and unnecessary until … I saw that it worked better than the control group (my students because hey, THEY DIDN”T NEED THAT STUFF!!) … so PUT ON TO DO LIST: email all the teachers and just let them know that I hvae the green and orange sheets if students want ot use them!!!

(and the finishing was a moderately big deal … )

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