Posted on August 30, 2019


Ironically on local radio they declared that construction would be ramped back for the holiday weekend. They must have all been trying to get it done by noon or something because there was extra construction all along my route with significant backups, and backups where people had to enter the flow of traffic.

Mostly midwestern about it — letting in and what have you — and somebody making a turn made my getting to left to get on Church easy. However, the dude backing out of the driveway on Church just *past* the one lane part clearly thought he needed to seize the window… that I was riding in. Fortunately it was stupidity, not visibility that was the problem so I could see them and went to the left lane (clear because it was closed a few car lengths back) so not even close, but yea, they got a holler (“HELLLOOOO! SOMETIMES PEOPLE ARE ON THIS ROAD!!!” ) — and the driver turned right at next intersection and didn’t pass me. (Yes, if I get ambitious I’ll find the equivalent of an egg to toss which wouldn’t have worked for this one ’cause we were never that close).

I *was* passed by SLAM 5, the driver who lives further west on Church who did the same move a while back but made a point to stop and apologize ferociously — child in car whom I’m surmising sometimes rides a bicycle…

and I’m at 597 miles on the month so I should pass last year’s 612 … last year I stopped logging in September but aiming for 5000 on the year should be a reasonable motivator.

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