Geogebra! Anybody want to try???

Posted on August 27, 2019


Whereas, right now I don’t have any official projects with deadlines that keep me motivated to keep learning and doing when I’m not helping students, and

Whereas, I really REALLY want to know Geogebra better, and

Whereas, I work a whole lot better when it’s with other folks,

Therefore I hereby invite anybody out there to spend … hmmm…. a week … dabbling in Geogebra with a *specific* kind of activity to learn to build.

September 4 – 10.

That activity? A quiz with instant feedback.

Bonus if I can figure out how to keep score with a nice visual that grows, like a thermometer.

HEre’s how it will work: I’ll screencast walking through somebody else’s Geogebra activity to figure it out and emulate.

Anybody out there can use that as a model and make their own quiz and we can talk about what we’re learning.

My quiz right now is here:
… and it needs some revision for details like the initial value of the numbers is zero so even if there’s no problem there, if you type in 0 and hit “check problem!” you’ll be told you’re right. Since I can make the “inputNumber” be ? which is deemed undefined, I can do that with “firstNumber” and “secondNumber.”

I’ll have a second one that includes a visual display option so folks can see the times tables in an array.

And *that’s* what I’m hoping other people will want to explore.

When? I’ll put out the screencast Wednesday, September 4. No expectations 🙂 Oh! and include it in #Blaugust 🙂