First day!!

Posted on August 19, 2019


Mirabile dictu, I have student workers and managed to get my “first half fours” video made and up. It’s about how to figure out 4 x a number, you double it twice. I decided I’d stick to pictures on this one and on the “bigger ones and how to double anything,” show how x 2 is “doubling” so … x 2 x 2 is … x 4….

YES I think this would work better as an HTML5 slide show on the web so *you* get to click through … even without javascript ‘quiz’ … but priority is having something deliverable and I don’t know how to do that yet. Something in HTML would be ‘deliverable’ to so many more people than a thing in our learning management system.

Yes, I still need to tweak the captions, and to figure out the best way to do that.

KELLEY IS A DAY AN DA HALF INTO Paris-Brest-Paris… so I think I’m tired ? 🙂 (I don’t, yet…)

Rodney Davis our Congressperson is in the theater right now. Hmm. Should I do a circle ’round and try to seal him in with my thoughts?

Resolving tomorrow to do a Blaugust #mtbos worthy blog…. and/or … the geogebra sharing idea. Whoops, that needs a video, too. 16 steps…