Prep Week!

Posted on August 13, 2019


PRogress made!

Boring commentary:
Endured the all-everybody meeting where we were shown our grim enrollment numbers and were informed of the assorted consultants and products being invested in to improve our marketing, etc. At least this time people who were doin’ stuff talked about what they were doing so they actually talked about *students* as opposed to it being all about dollar signs (whether good or bad). There is also identification that we need to bring in those older students, not just high schoolers… but of course it’s the low-hanging fruit and international students … it’s about “who’s going to give the best return on the investment,” as opposed to how we can best serve the community.

Now time to try to focus back on stuff. Back to working on the times tables module in our learning management system because Geogebra simply has me stumped; it doesn’t seem I can add to a “list” (array). Well, I can, but it creates a new one. I can Remove (tho’ I’m not entirely sure that doesn’t write a new one), but I think I need to have buckets to put the assorted facts in and if every time I add a fact to “mastered” I have another list… that just seems a lousy idea.

I inquired of twitter but no responses. I’ll repeat a few times… and … I don’t think I want to abandon it or the idea of trying to have a shared learning thing with it. It means, though, that I have to put a different pot on my fire which doesn’t have room on it for the “spaced retrieval” version… or include it in the stew that would be “learn HTML5 and explore #indieweb.”

… and must snark a little. Some years back our esteemed institution noted that in other places, if they changed policy so people were required to register by a week before classes, enrollment dipped for a little, then went back up — and the success rate was a whole lot higher. So! Bam! They made that happen here and called it “On Time Registration.” Well, when the enrollment dip happened… forces did not like it. Now… that last week we’ll get you in! It’s crazier… it’s called Enrollment Blitz… and you can still register in the first week of class so long as the class hadn’t started yet… and they are calling that “after the last minute” registration… “on time registration.” Snork. (THe other irony: the myriad other reasons students aren’t registering that … just don’t register in their minds. Yes, we tell them but … what do we know? )

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