Scared of the ball

Posted on August 1, 2019


Getting back from my lunch laps and I had a little time but not enough for another trip ’round so I decided to make myself go a little past and come back on the multi-use-path-sized walk… because making U-turns on the bicycle are really hard for me.   It helps if I say “COMMIT” firmly but … I was still on the brakes *knowing* that going faster and leaning would be better (yes, I rode a motorcycle when I couldn’t afford a car…)   and I made myself do it again.
Yes, I was also that person trying to play softball who was “afraid of the ball.”   My brain understood the physics of momentum (when your dad’s a physicist who was into elegance, that happens)  and how cringing away (especially with body parts that were not anywhere near coming in contact with the approaching object) was pointless… but it took a while for the motor memory to develop & I’m not sure it really did.   Swimming was a whole lot better for that stuff — you got to practice the breathing with bubbles **every breath,** not every time somebody threw or hit a ball to you, and … you had a whole lot more control over the circumstances.

I wondered as I pulled in to park if this were a useful analogy for learning math…

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