Knows and Does

Posted on August 1, 2019


… boring commentary about planning my exercise

Create a series of questions to quiz a student on their times tables knowledge.

If a student makes a mistake, that student should be provided the answer, but they still have to enter the answer to go to the next question, which will be from the “mastered” group.   That question that they missed will then show up after the next question, and several more times in the course of answering questions.

That is, I think, the first Big Object to create.

I need a big “container” with everything.
I *want* an “opinion” place with some stuff about whether the steps are too big or too small (they’re going to be pretty small), with comments… but that’s later.

I will have a Math Fact.
It will need to know its Rightness Status.
New BeingLearned BeingLearnedAndHard Mastered

Rightness Status determined by the input from each time they answer it as well as the “consecutive times right” and … hmmm… times missed … perhaps just for the most recent 10 times?

It will have a DeemedDifficulty determed by ME, to wit:
RuleBased — 0’s and 1’s. The answer is in the question.
Rule-based but a little harder: 10’s
Next are the ones that 10 is divisible by: 2s and 5s.
Next is “double double” — the fours
Penultimate: 9,3 and 6…
Finally, 7 and 8.

There should be a link to see the videos I’m making for the Actual Course in a Learning Management System —
Zeroes (okay, I seem to have five of these online… note to self: get rid of some of them…)
Ones (w/ not so great audio)
Tens on Number Line
Tens as Groups
Tens on Chart
Tens: About “just add zero” at the end… why?
Twos: groups
Twos: counting by twos
Twos: Division by Two … etc….I’m afraid I’ll break some algorithm for ratio of links to content… I have an out-of-order playlist on Youtube

I think I want some special categories:
Perfect Squares
“Next Level” (maybe optional? things like multiplying *decimals* by ten and dividing by ten to find 10 percent…)

What do I need to do?
Show a problem
Be accessible — no mouse required, possible speech entry? to
Receive input for the answer
Give immediate feedback
If an answer is wrong, provide the right answer… then when they click “got it!” they have to naswer that same exact question.

“NEW” would be ones we haven’t learned…
“OldAndNew” are for the ones that *should* have been learned but are in the ‘new’ fact group, such as 9 x 5 when you’re learning the nines, but you already should know it ’cause you learned the fives.
“JustMissed” — you just missed it right now and haven’t gotten it right twice in a row
“HasBeenMissed” — even if you get it right the next time and the next time, it’s still in the”you need more practice with this one” category…
“MissedALot” — missit more than 4 times it gets special treatment (like something more visual… no, that won’t be in the first rendition…)
AllGood — missed 0 or 1 times in the past zillion times.

How to try this? How ’bout for just the first five? In case there are false starts? Except I bet w/ “Sequence” that I can generate a list without typing it all in, so… let’s go figure out how to do that! (It’s 4:30… not likely ;))

… and … I think it can be done but I also think I need to walk through the tutorials in case I’m missing stuff…