Posted on July 31, 2019


I need to have “deliverable,” so I shouldn’t include the doubling part of times tables yet.   Still, it’s *important.*

I googled to see if anybody had already designed a lesson to teach how to do it.   Found only practice BUT oh, my.   Good practice.   Good because it’s all javascript 😉   (Also, thankfully, safe because I need to get past the just-practice.)  Also good because tucked into the source is a mess of metadata about its educational properties (what it is, age it’s aimed at)… so it seems there must be people who do that.

The game in my mind would have a number floating down the screen for you to double.   If it gets past point X, then you go into “fewer points possible” and you see it as manipulatives… then third ‘level’ is showing them doubled and finally you get the answer.

But no, I don’t have time for that (just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

Geogebra!   Trying to do “knows and does” for spaced retrieval.   Get the white board out 🙂   Gotta figure out a nice design process… and templates…

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