Posted on July 26, 2019


TL:DR   ‘boring commentary on learning Geogebra’

No, it’s *not* “stick a fork in it, it’s done.”   Digital isn’t like that.

I sent the email w/ link to my Geogebra activity.  I did the horizontal one first and had to figure out a lot of stuff.  I’m really glad I have *some* “hard-learned habits” that saved me chunks of time, like naming everything something I’d understand, naming stuff I’d want to look at toether starting w/ same thing (so “addDiff” and “addSame”)  and yes, sticking to my camelcase convention.

I had changed the points on the line of the second number’s representation so it started where the first one ended.  I *don’t* have a good way of keeping track of versions. Somehow when I was “done,” that wasn’t there any more.

Happily I’d named a version “working vertices” so I didn’t have to *start over* tho’ that wouldn’t have been so bad w/ a 22 step construction.   Now to go back and kill off the versions along the way.

Okay, now for the thoughts and prayers… new post for that 🙂