Posted on July 22, 2019


So!   My task! To create a student-facing activity in Geogebra that helps the lesson writer’s ideas or goals for the lesson come to life….

My “best Geogebra skills”  aren’t that great so the coming to life part is my focus.

Also, there’s already stuff on Geogebra.   How can I add life to that?

(the writing lab person got here so it’s back to being quiet in here… just one student… )

… okay, lunch laps later and a little perusal and … I  know a thing that I want to be able to do, I think it can be done, but it will be hard and I don’t know how to do it so it’s not a Friday goal.

Back in the last century, one of the few examples of educational software that had any actual pedagogy involved was SImon Sounds it Out – and had spelling practice wherein you got a word to spell.   If you missed it, it came up again.

So, imagine the “quick fluency stuff” for integers.   I imagine lists:   New, Mastered, Missed, and JustMissed.   (I could get more refined…)

(and, by the way… I had more success w/ a student this a.m. b/c I was able to actually slow down enough to stay out of “well, I don’t really have the right materials so that’s why this isn’t working!” make-an-excuse mode.)

So, when you miss an item, a copy of it gets added to the “JustMissed” List and the MissedList.

The next problem you get will be from the Mastered list which will start with things like 6 + 1.   The next problem?   That one you just missed.   Then it will come out of just missed, but stay in missed.

Now to figure out how that looks.   Plan before you code 🙂

However, that will only get half an hour b/c I don’t think it’ll happen by Friday (though minor miracles have happened).

I convinced myself to do two laps and starting the second one I remembered that including whether one adds or subtracts the absolute values would be a good question to ask.   So!   A quiz that has the option for an example with the process and also asks that question is the task at hand.

And no, I haven’t forgotten about How I’d Do A Hackathon.   Since it’s not really hacking, I wouldn’t call it that. Folks over at Rebus Community offer to put out to folks on their lists any search for co-conspirators.

It’s 2:52… time to figure out the “necessary” to make room for the “possible” and the “I can dream, can’t I?”


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