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Posted on July 19, 2019


So!   Work has been … just busy enough to utterly prevent progress.  About 3 more weeks before it will be *much* too busy and no, I can’t count  on any help thank you.

But! Today is Friday (off … 2 more…).   Yesterday I *did* manage to get in on the first hour of the “western cohort” of the Lumen Learning “hackathon.”

I’m perceiving the control differences of Limited Liability Corporation (“corporate light,” perhaps?)   vs.  actual open.   There was an hour presentation and we could unmute ourselves but the chat room?  Backchannel?   We could only ask questiosn of the panel.

We got to a Google Doc and there were roughly 8 little icons up there with “anonymous badger”  etc…

Why couldn’t we talk to each other?   Our task after the intro and some instruction in using H5P  is to go actually make a lesson tied to an OER.  This is what is needed to earn a “certificate of participation.”  They’re working on a letter you would get to explain just why this should get a person credit towards promotion or tenure.   I totally like the idea that creating OER should *not* be [what’s the word for you are supposed just add it to all your other job duties?]   an extra expectation; it should be like publishing stuff.   I have really benefited from being able to *do* things so “you don’t have a PhD and you’re not a math teacher” is sometimes less important.

(oh, there’s also a group, I think a Google Group, that started in May that has David Wiley and one other person in it.   That wasn’t mentioned in this.   Why not?)

I bugged out when it was time to go home from work, and … right now I’m going to go back and see if I’ve gotten the recording. I won’t be able to ask questions in the chat room — but there’s Twitter.   I’ll do a blog post on the process too like Audrey McLaren is doing w/ Desmos (which YES made me want to go learn Desmos ;))  and YES I want to figure out “webmentions” and do that.

Note to self:  go back to your “necessary, possible, I can dream can’t I?”  chart.   But right now, stop distracting and … do.   10:33.   I said I’d give this 3 hours but it has to be real 3 hours 🙂   So no, I’m not goign to find the other page that linked to the Google Group… 10:38… do this…

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