Oh, one more distraction

Posted on July 19, 2019


…   does this count as blogging along?   I haven’t started the thing because… no, we didn’t get a recording yet.

Since the intro part wasn’t really a “group” thing  (yes, I considered trying to make it such since we could unmute but I was already multitasking w/ 3 folks out doing ALEKS and writing stuff), it could have just *been* a recording and the “hang out and help” could be like “office hours.”   Hmmm. Somebody should do that.

But now, to go find the Google Docs and get rolling.   10:50.


11:14…. edited the captions on my “Memorize Vertex Formula.”   Sigh.   I didn’t do best practices there — I have so much text on the screen I didn’t really need captions.   I think I need a cheat sheet to review before i make videos… though I’m pretty sure I’m okay on the times tables. ‘Best practices’ are not to have captions *and* a voice… people remember better if they aren’t redundant.   (The “course design” course that came from completely ignored the word accessibility… but they really did try stuff out wiht humans and it makes sense.)

Note to self:  Forget cheat sheet.  Write your script **first** … put them in the notes where if Camtasia actually works they can be made into captions.

Oh, and 3 people including David Wiley are on the page to put our things in, but the other two are idle.

Now, the “how to” make a lesson does not have any details to speak of.   Again, having the recording would be nice.

I found the “OER it should be used with” — but I’ll have two, thank you…  It’s page 381 of this math book (which is typical, procedural stuff). ISBN #978-1-4583-7768-5
Copyright 2010, Some Rights Reserved CC-BY.
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra by Tyler Wallace is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/)
Based on a work at http://wallace.ccfaculty.org/book/book.html.

Or the course here

Sigh, it says I must attribute it as specified by author or licensor.   Do I know if that actually exists and where it is?  Of course not. I do not imply that it endorses anything I do.

12:08 in full “ack!!!!… Really got started except the tutorial … doesn’t match any more.   Updates you know.  But. 12:16 we’re going in.  and it does match sort of, it was just unclear.   12:21

YEA VERILY.   This is *not* a big deal.  Just do it 😛   I declare I’ll be done in an hour.   12:28  and video hass been linked to; metadata included.

Sigh. Maby.   Have three slides done.

1:36 — DONE.



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