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Posted on July 10, 2019


I’ve got folks who need to learn their times tables.

I’m working on my own module but they need it now.

There’s a plethora of “times tables practice” options online.  I want something that meets these criteria:

  • isn’t incredibly cute.   Xtramath is out there to “help kids master basic facts.” Ooops.  SO many of the games have adorable animated cuteness that alienates adults. (That said, I love the narrator :))
  • Allows for gradual learning as opposed to being “here are games about the times tables!”
  • Keeps track of progress.

How to manage the fact that I can’t find something that does all of these — much less something that includes visuals to build the number sense part?

  • Provide a list of options so students can pick; deciding to put up with cuteness might work better than “here’s the one, do it, yea it’s a bit infantile.”
  • Find the ones like on that let you choose which fact to practice.  Find/ Design a progress sheet for students to fill in, in a notebook.   (Running Records or something like that does that…)
  • Keep working on one that has the visual-kinesthetic connections… alas there are many many things calling themselves “multisensory” because they work in some kinesthetic.   Think of those “wrapup” cards where you wrap string around notches… but it’s still all about reciting the answers.  the v-k elements are not connected to math.

Hoping to update soon with finds 🙂


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