Geogebra ;)

Posted on July 2, 2019


tl/dr:   my notes on learning Geogeb

So, I’ve looked at an “interactive number chart” and have successfully STOPPED my fingers from trying to walk through the 282 steps in the construction protocol.   No, we will not learn anything by typing in all the points on that grid and the polygons created to make the graph.  There *is* a time for copying 🙂

BUT   I also remember the wisdom of walking through and taking notes.   Frinstance!   There’s a whole looooon glist of points … but it can be generated with a “sequence” command.   Like, learning this stuff would be a good thing and it is going to happen.

Need to peek and see if a wee tutorial in scripting exists. Per usual the manual …. doesn’t have nested ones; doesn’t have the stuff I want 😉

list1=Sequence(Sequence(Point({i,j}),i,0,10),j,0,-12,-1)  gets points for a whole grid from 1-120.   Has option to start w/ 0 but I want mine to maybe have 0 above it???   I am thinking consistency is in order.

So the inner “sequence” is points where i goes from 1-10, and j goes from 0 to -12 and … oh, the -1 is the increment b/c the grid is being built down.

Arright, let’s build us a grid just to 20  to model this and … take boring notes on google docs and … no tomorrow, I will set up a page for the notes on my very own site and spend 15 minutes dressing it up like Indieweb 😉

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