Fetters abound …

Posted on June 29, 2019


So!   After the two day workshop on Geogebra, I find out that Eureka Math is aiming to hire somebody to make Geogebra things for their curriculum.
It’s in the “must apply!” category but it is “fettered.”   Unlike the IM curriculum on Kendall Hunt, I have to get an account where I go through menus filtering out anybody who’s not actively in a school system.  The user agreement indicates some things are copyright (old school) and other things CC-BY-NC-SA as opposed to CC-BY, though I don’t really consider that a fetter so much as what one has to go through to actually get access. I dream of the day when math lessons are more like music where there’s so much more to the experience than can be expressed on paper with scrawling of “an answer” and a percent grade.

It may well be automated — my account is live (it’s Saturday; doesn’t feel like a human was involved), and looks like it could be fun 🙂   It does state that I can’t reproduce it w/o permission from them before it says CC BY NC SA  so … yes, major fetters.   I’ll need to consider the opportunity costs – what else could I be doing to make cognitively accessible math that’s open to everybody?.  Anything on Geogebra is, I’m pretty sure, by definition open so I wouldn’t even be working from the IM being copyright until published as CC-BY OER.   So… let’s roll…

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