Next steps!

Posted on June 3, 2019


So, the Illustrative Math stint is done for now.   I am hoping that they decide to do the more involved “support for a class” — but am honestly glad to have summer to keep going in my own directions.

I found hashtag #indieweb  on twitter full of people who use their own websites to share stuff.   Welp, when I tried to put this blog on my website it was flooded with spam, so I came back to “wordpress with ads.”   However, no, I don’t need no stinking blog layout for actual content.   So … when I get back from the bicycle tour (I’m assuming I’ll be doing minimal webbiness next week), I shall strive to remember to dive in and start adding pages and … yes, get around to figuring out why I can’t (brain won’t retrieve word for) link directly to another file like an image on my site; I have give the whole address… and spend oh 20 minutes any given day (just did) scratching back into divs and css .

Sigh, made another little video — strategy for memorizing times tables by weeding them back and counting them off…  but even w/ the good mic I didn’t have good position so some popping, and … completely failed at finding my “Camtasia voice.”   It’s my “no I will not do the uptalk thing!” voice. The time I thought there was a class in the room next door so I spoke “really softly with enunciation” … oh, my, we’re talking late night radio tenderness.

I *think*  I’ll do the second half and then do a set of “halving and doubling” strategies and practice and try to put that together as its own mini-module.   Quickest ‘deliverable’ will be to do it on D2L which is here and I know it… then perhaps Canvas where I might still be able to share it… and who knows? with little windows of my own HTML skill honing… if I can get that done by July, I’ll call that victory.