Better than it used to be :)

Posted on May 24, 2019


Yes, I’ve got the “plenty of time to do stuff so nothing gets done!” thing happening so!   I’m going to try to have Something To SHare Today.   Well, here’s something 🙂 I found this little “generate the HTML for tables” page  so I don’t have to manually stick a mess of divs in if I want to make an array with numbers charts, times tables, etc.   Hmmm.

I’ve gotten the supports for lessons in and … this commitment officially wraps up end of month.   There will be a chat 5/30 about “what’s next.”   I wish it were “oh, let’s figure out interactive, multisensory math education OER — digital and manual options!”   Could be geogebra but… given the above and this collection of simple interactives from FSI2019, well, that’s part of today 🙂

This remote stuff means I get to see what OUR and IM put out to the public and just wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.   It seems OUR wants a display on every page that materials can be obtained for free at their site. If it were me, I’d just do that — and also that they can be obtained for free from the Kendall Hunt site.   You see, if I go to Kendall Hunt KendallHuntScreenshot.PNG  there’s a link to the free stuff right there, *and* if you click there… you get to the curriculum.   You do not get to a page where you need to provide a fair amount of personal information in order to get access to said curriculum.   A few clicks gets you to The Actual Curriculum  .   OUR gets you to OURScreenshot

It seems that yes, anybody can get access  — that the information is actually a filter for more privileged access (to assessments?  but maybe they aren’t CC-BY?), so anybody could get an account.

Kendall Hunt –  just click to it.

It’s almost 11:00 and … I shall endeavor to give an hour to *moving times tables course forward* and then RIDE at lunch (118.5 miles to get to 600 on the  month) and contemplate design for interactives and then make it so 🙂