Those concepts

Posted on May 17, 2019


Somebody tweeted about students not getting something and somebody suggested maybe the Ss didn’t get the area concept …   so they checked…  and there’s an awesome YouCubed exercise for building just that concept here (“How many rows?)   🙂

I would want to build in practice and connections towards automaticity, of course 🙂

I’m up to 750 followers on Twitter — I thought the increase that sstarted last month had abated but … it was just a plateau.   It’ss nothing viral, but pretty much once a day I get a notification.  (The mayor of Champaign made a friend request which I confirmed… *no idea* what inspired it.)

The supports writing thing is rolling along.   Without really trying, support in lesson n is really good for lesson n + 8 … but that’s because Illustrative Math doesn’t have isolated buffet items for lessons.   (that analogy ain’t goin’ nowhere)

… now let’s see if I can . . .


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