New Stuff.

Posted on April 24, 2019


In order to keep from double dipping (working both jobs at once), when there are people here so I can’t just “take personal leave” to work on the side hustle, I play around with visuals that are inspired by it.   To wit:   making an image to use to do long division so that it’s easier to line up stuff. Gazinta

Now, it’s also on my website — which is somehow set up so that I can’t make internal links.   They want me to call tow ork it out.   Well, calling is an issue at work.

I also made a “how to do polynomial long division” — there are lots of those out there, and I’m not sure mine is any better, but it is CC-BY 😛

Oh, let’s try this way

Now to actually do the stuff because it’s EMPTY IN HERE. I’m thinking about a visual anchor to show the relationship between distance rate and time from different perspectives, especially that hey, if you’re going 5 km/ hour…. the time you’re taking can be expressed as 1/5 of an hour per mile…