Distance Formula

Posted on April 24, 2019



Yes, I tell students… these word problems with different rates are a shared misery — stand up comics know they can get laughs bringing back memories.

They’re also solvable.

So, I was wondering about doing a visual-to-abstract progression.   A quick google found a whole lot of procedural explanations…

I’m also chatting w/ the folks from Rebus projects.   Discussing what I’m doing in terms of OER is a fun perspective.   It’s fundamentally different than just writing to get published.  When I wrote stories for K-12, Inc.   — those stories are *theirs.*   I cna’t share you the stories of Flash the Fish.   I can’t add illustrations.

When this stuff goes out CC-BY — and that’s in the assorted contracts — then yes, I’ll have to properly credit Illustrative Mathematics but … all this extra stuff I’m playing with (not on billable time — these are the “while I’m at other work, I’m playing w/ GIMP”  visuals)… when this first edition is published, then … I can embellish and share, and hopefully on platforms that get out to people as opposed to my finite influence — though!!   I’ve picked up 30 followers, many in math, in the past few weeks.

Monday I snagged headphones (need to get brand and get my own because YES YES  YES  they worked for recording!!!!!!!!!!!!  )   and did a Thing on Polynomial Division.   There are lots of them out there so I’m not sure it’s a real addition to the world…

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