Half a gill

Posted on April 11, 2019


Somebody posted a conversion chart that included gills and quarts and barrels, causing a tangential earworm.   I searched enough to find the “barley mow” song… so now I can at least separate that in my brain from the drinking song about eating a mallard starting with the leg, which I failed in finding…

Just because I’m distractible doesn’t mean I

 Another college readiness solution article … I may at least ask just what magical thing they do for math, and how students qualify.

… and there’s an app for “unminifying” code, and you can add *sound* to Geogebra … no, not “stick a sound file in here,” but things like making higher and lower tones for higher and lower values, like the folks at Desmos do… and I signed up for an Illinois thing about online learning.

Wednesday and pretty busy.  Two Interesting People prepping for assessments.