riding in…

Posted on April 1, 2019


It’s April 1 and it was all of 32 degrees riding in (yes, car people had to scrape stuff). I was thinking about math learning that  people would care about because they actually use it and .. yes, money.   I also wondered, though:   how many people know what time it is but don’t have a sense for how much more time there is until the next thing?   How *much* stuff do you order to eat/cook with?

Then I saw a tweet about the challenges of learning math including dysgraphia and dyscalculia and had my usual issues with the way people associate “trouble with math” wiht “dyscalculia,” which is actually quite the separate problem (and rare) from issues w/ math because of other learning disabilities.   (I also wonder whether it matters; if basically everybody’s conflating things, then so long as they approach things diagnostically we’re okay.)  I thought about diagnostics to differentiate between struggling to grasp quantitative relationships and struggling with the complex language we use to express those relationships.

Other note to self:   Ride the bike at lunch.   Having two *big* things on my plate (regular job and Illustrative Math supports writing) means that other things (the times tables module, the online math cooperative effort, and bike club and church and choir)  will disappear w/o the break from hyperfocus that the lunch lap provides.

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