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Distance Formula

April 24, 2019


  Yes, I tell students… these word problems with different rates are a shared misery — stand up comics know they can get laughs bringing back memories. They’re also solvable. So, I was wondering about doing a visual-to-abstract progression.   A quick google found a whole lot of procedural explanations… I’m also chatting w/ the folks […]

New Stuff.

April 24, 2019


In order to keep from double dipping (working both jobs at once), when there are people here so I can’t just “take personal leave” to work on the side hustle, I play around with visuals that are inspired by it.   To wit:   making an image to use to do long division so that it’s easier […]

article N+1

April 23, 2019


More community college students are passing college-level math, skipping a remedial step My ‘Brave’ browser lets me past the “you can’t read this with ad blockers” stuff. They have a graphic showing how bad things are …. no, they don’t have one for how things changed (of course) and they note that “of those who […]

Links, Links

April 17, 2019

0  How did I miss this one?   (Answer:   it’s mostly elementary, I think.)   Actual “how to do this” for things like choral counting.   Dan Meyer’s shared **all** the handouts from NCTM. Right now I am thinking that while I would love to go to the OER conference, I just really, really, really don’t want […]

article n + 1

April 13, 2019


This isn’t about a solution, but helping define problems… seems University students’ mistakes really aren’t so “careless” as based on misconceptions.  Article here:  (Higher level achievers than our developmental students.)  

Half a gill

April 11, 2019


Somebody posted a conversion chart that included gills and quarts and barrels, causing a tangential earworm.   I searched enough to find the “barley mow” song… so now I can at least separate that in my brain from the drinking song about eating a mallard starting with the leg, which I failed in finding… Just because […]

April Saturday

April 6, 2019


No pranks in my world Monday 😉 A quiet week, I think… but steadily busy….  my framework is just different now that I’ve got three “stuff to do between students” directions (the times tables module which didn’t get touched this week, and writing supports for Illustrative Math and … I’m back on the board for […]

Visuals :)

April 2, 2019


Last week I had morning quiet time almost every dya — this week, no… good things happening.   Student asked for “that place value chart” — and that her teacher thanked me b/c it had been handy for the class.   She noted that while there was a chart in their binder (text comes in a binder), […]

riding in…

April 1, 2019


It’s April 1 and it was all of 32 degrees riding in (yes, car people had to scrape stuff). I was thinking about math learning that  people would care about because they actually use it and .. yes, money.   I also wondered, though:   how many people know what time it is but don’t have a […]