One more thought :)

Posted on March 30, 2019


This blog post about corresponding angles, which *happens* to be part of the lessons I’m working on, makes me think of one of my students prepping for the assessment using ALEKS.   Give the ol’ problems where two lines cross and you do algebra to figure out x and y with angles… he often can’t remembler which things add to 180 and which things are equal.

In my dream world online math that I think ALEKS should be, instead of just getting problems with that and doing a bunch of them, there should be some Geogebra stuff thrown in so students can build their own examples … because in the “problems you have to do,” they’re all close enough to 90 degrees so it’s not obvious which ones are equal.  And in the non online… yes, I am thinking that actual tracing and drawing and measuring … would help with this.

BUT it’s afternoon an time to get off the computer 🙂

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