So-called success, N+ 1

Posted on March 22, 2019


Yes, they’ve drafted legislation to try to wipe out developmental ed in Illinois.   Any of a million things will mean you don’t have to take them …

Same day there’s another tweet about how doing away w/ requirements is a good thing because “bottom line: student success increased.”   It’s in Florida and seems a parallel situation. 

To wit: “ In sum, since the implementation of the developmental education reform in Florida in fall of 2014, there has been an increase of student success as measured by introductory college-level course passing rates as measur”ed as the share of students of each cohort who passed the courses and college-level credit hours attempted and earned during the first year of enrollment. The findings also point to the narrowing gaps in those measures for students of different racial/ethnic backgrounds. Overall, the developmental education redesign in Florida appears to have led to increased success and improved equity in the Florida College System.” 

Okay, when I asked what the pass rate was, I was informed that … that wasn’t the point. The point was more students getting access.

Well…. the success was completing more college level credits — in that year, in those courses.  Success later?  Graduation?   It’s not even mentioned. This is “since 2014.”   It’s 2019 now.

Also, while the increase in enrollment in math was noted, the pass rate declined for Intermediate Algebra.  THe general success rates were …. a pretty mixed bag.   

The summary doesn’t mention whether they think these folks have improved chance of actually getting credentials/degrees.  It also doesn’t mention little details of whether students were advised about their options and therefore not randomly chosen.   If students were encouraged one direction or the other then… I would expect some improvement.

And… again, my bottom line:   how many students are still failing?

It’s daylight so it’s not “crickets” I hear, but … just the birds chirping in the spring air.



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