anticipation II

Posted on March 2, 2019


Signed contract received yesterday (dated yesterday).   SO things could really actually get interesting soon 🙂

In the meantime … times tables!   And hte usual Saturday reading.

From our Developmental Ed Council meeting, which was about the law being proposed to basically eliminate developmental education and put everybody into college level courses “with support.”   I didn’t get to the meeting — too many students to support in those developmental courses.

This article exposes that they’re presenting successful programs for getting students who were “almost” eligible for college courses to succeed with pretty significant interventions.   Somehow, if we say “we’ll provide support,” that should work for everybody.   This article is much like the “Bridge to Nowhere” blurb with so many infographics about the failures, and sweeping happy generalizations about their proposed solution.

Yes, developmental education  is a disaster for students.   The “solutions” to this, however, basically weed out the students it’s a disaster for, and shuttles them into low-skilled training.   Of course this is in the name of equity because “everybody” has the “opportunity” to enroll in challenging college level courses.  Hey!   If *everybody* takes 15 credit hours a year then they’ll finish faster!   Stronger!   (All you folks with all kinds of reasons this doesn’t work?   Shhh… go away quietly.)   Give them good *advising!*  Keep track of their progress! *Accelerate! Accelerate!*    Yes, that assertive “advising” will get the students on a “path to success”  — an extremely limited path unless they’re college-ready and … they aren’t.   Hidden assumption:   they can’t.

Completely *ignore* the actual academic unpreparedness.   No discussion of teaching differently.

“Close achievement gaps” …  not to be confused with closing achievement doors.

Yes, it’s been tried.   Yes, big investments improve results … a little bit.   Yes, most of the students still aren’t graduating. 

Hmmm.   I think I know what I’ll be thinking about on the expected bus ride Monday.  How can we re-name  the good work we do so that it fits in the new legal framework?   Can we figure out how to do better,  despite policies which are designed to defeat us?  We discussed different models which essentially were things we have done before.