Anticipation ;)

Posted on February 26, 2019


Things are supposed to start today with ILlustrative Math.   I was encouraged to closely monitor my emails… that said, Monday is my most tightly packed day (almost 1/8 as busy as the average mom, I know…)  so … I am too busy to be impatient.   (Not too busy to be a little anxious, but it’s good for me to remember what that is like ;0)

So I’m thinking about the twos times tables and got a little more mental traction realizing that … it’s all about the routines.   The twos are the first table that want to actually be memorized (as opposed to remembering that 10 x 8 is 80 b/c you’re moving everything to the bigger place value b/c that’s what our numbre system is based on)… but the steps to memorizing will be the routines for the rest of the facts.   I am thinking I’ll have 1 or 2 strategies for these… then include those but have another option when we do 5s  (and also do the relationship of the 2s 5s and 10s facts )… fours will include the “double double” idea… nines — backing up from the tens and the ‘digits add to 9’ and yes, the “finger” trick but I’m *hoping* that the number sense that is hopefully developing will have folks tending towards backing up from tens.   Sigh, no, I didn’t get them done this weekend.

Yes, also perusing IM website and the assorted language routines, the list of which includes the five practices for teachers for good discussions, and card sorts which I know as connecting representations (I was wondering about that)… and “information gap” cards, which is new to me.  I can imagine using most of these in visual & concrete ways to help bridge the conceptual and procedural gaps.

I’m going to figure out “card sorts” in Desmos b/c I remember liking them at the Desmos Day before Twitter Math Camp …  and they have **teacher’s guides.** Oh, Geogebra, if only!   (Note to self:   Hello!  Talk about an excellent template for things you create 😉 )

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