Sigh, long division

Posted on February 16, 2019


There’s a kiddo who’s awesomely dedicated and has good number sense but oh, my, long division is nemesis.   Now, it wasn’t like my “wrong division’ post where there was no understanding of borrowing but it was definitely, absolutely cognitive overload.
I do kinda hope, though, that it’s an overload that gives the kind of practice so that parts of it get nailed down.   There wasn’t the emotional baggage that precludes that.   (I only kinda hope. Mainly I hope it doesn’t discourage  and *get* the emotional overload.)

I was intrigued that the student “loves” doing matrix multiplication, reinforcing the model of learning that … mastery brings joy.

This course *is* awesome prep for pre-Algebra.   I had several folks who had it last semester just cruising through the “arrange fractions greatest to least”  because they were visualizing pizzas.   Yes, I need to help them connect that with number lines…


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