“what would it take for you to feel safe?”

Posted on February 13, 2019


There’s a pretty major “disturbance in the force” in #MTBOS…. but let me digress first.

Also posted was a math teacher starting class with MathNorms.PNG

… and … This is such a noble gesture but I *know* that were it presented to me it would activate my “why should I trust you???”   flags, especially if I really didn’t think I could ever “explore mathematics” — I just want to pass your stupid course.  Why are you making this demand of me?   “Experience joy publicly” — oh, I’m going to have to pretend to like this.   What do you even *mean* by “revise thinking”?

(Okay, for me it wouldn’t happen in math ;))

I’m thinking it’s still worth starting with this,  but understanding that I might not be able to answer it as deeply as you’d like.

(What if it were presented to me, in math?   I might think “oh, I’m going to get to be smart here and enjoy this!”  My ego just might be primed.

This is reminding me of the resesarch about “challenging” material improving the attitudes of the high achievers and having a negative effect on the folks who weren’t doing as well.

I think this can be my intention as a teacher — and maybe all it needs is simplification.   (Also, I’m not a classroom teacher and affective stuff is not my native language. So this might be worth less than what you paid for it… )


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