Winter weekend

Posted on February 9, 2019


… no snow right now!   Thursday did get fairly nasty — nothing accumulating but 40+ mph winds and puddles became puttles (my new word for frozen puddles).   Today it’s 26 w/ 11 mph ESE wind so… I’ll be out riding…

Fascinated by  web components!   This “focus trap” sets things up so that you tab through a designated set of things for the computer to focus on.  I’d imagine this is a moderately huge accessibility thing.   Say I have my times tables retrieval practice thing going (the thing that comes *after* building the concepts).   A person could tab through the 10 facts (11 if zero is in the mix)  without it wandering all over the place.   It would go in sequence… and oh, 2 x 5 is blank this time, so enter answer … hopefully w/ speech rec possible… if I only had people to figure out how that would work 😉 times_lining

Marilyn Zecher posted to Facebook today about teaching times tables as we teach reading with controlled text to build mastery.   Don’t know why I didn’t make that connection earlier…   even if I *am* doing it with the lessons.   I posted about my times tables project and … oops, I need to not hijack.  Reinforces my silly notion that … like Khan Academy, even if it isn’t so good, there’s such a void that people will come.   I’m remembering my *really* primitive times tables practice from 1997 …

I’m considering what I’m going to have to change if I end up helping w/ supports for published, widely used curricula.  Programs like _Making Math Real_ are so proprietary that it’s clear to me not to use anything from their materials (though I am not going to unlearn ideas from the sessions and materials).    I’m thinking I need to be just as judicious about things more freely shared, though, unless they actually have a license that tells me that I can share.   I might be doing some more asking “hey, can you make this CC-BY?”





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