Posted on February 7, 2019


Breathing room!   Small flow of students and they’re ones that need time to process.   (It was also ridiculously foggy, 44 degrees, which may have dampened the determination of the folks who will come in Thursdays even if they don’t have classes.)   Alas, now that it’s 3:00 the temperature is 34, winds 27 miles per hour … hoping things aren’t ice by 5… (tomoroww I’ll be on that bus I waved at today…)

So, Marian Dingle has expressed her regretful resignation from the Twitter Math Camp board.   Her blog about it  … reminds me of what Thomas Merton wrote about in Seeds of Destruction… the way our culture says we are “welcoming” … but it’s welcoming others to come into our world and be absorbed by it, *not* to have our world actually change, not to cede our power and have the “our” … actually include more.    Nope, we haven’t really figured stuff out since 1965.   I have no TMC power to cede…  and if she finds another community that’s more inclusive I hope … it can grow and prosper.   Oh, and of course… I’m sure assorted Dynamics Of Passionate Non-Profit Group Interactions … are parts of the conflicts…

In the meantime I’ve discerned that yes, little animals will show up on Google Docs if they’re being viewed elsewhere, but after a while that stuff goes away.   I can’t as a just regular Google Account holder discern if the people I’ve “shared” the link with have been there.

Next up:   “dividing by two…”   in my “make learning math like Bejeweled Blitz” game, I’d have doubling practice starting with the two’s facts… level 2 would be doubling things with all the digits below 5 … Level 3 would be stuff *with* fives.   (I think I’d stop there.)   Maybe include halving things.   However, I want something quasi-deliverable so it will be on to the fives — after an hour with Geogebra.




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