It’s drafty in here!

Posted on February 6, 2019


Less drafty because they took the big blower away that was drying out where water had seeped in; I’m hearing tools outside…

Looking at blog posts — 2 posted and about 10 “drafts.”  Yes.  It’s been that kind of 2 weeks.  Lots of starts that … aren’t ready to share.   Hopefully not false starts 🙂

Yes, looking at Geogebra (promised myself 2 hours, because if I can figure out how to do spaced retrieval and  assorted blanks… I can at least share the ideas so somebody else could translate to “regular web,” or… use Geogebra.   I love Geogebra’s openness (tho’ I’m confident I’ll crash into the learning curve soon ;))… but … I remembered the “conditions to show object” foible already… and I can peek back at my sillinesses to see how to manage “if the button has been pressed” stuff.

Time to RIDE home 🙂 🙂   Rain not here yet…



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