SOme days !

Posted on February 2, 2019


There are days when I just love my job.

Today was, in fact, one of them 🙂

Two days off and … yes, faculty said that some of their classes were half empty.

Students who go to the Center For Academic Success, though… they were there in force.

Lots of good stuff … sutdents supporting each other, welcoming first timers and changing frustration to focus.   (*yes* support would have been good — some of my regulars went back out to the main room just to make room!   and yes, if there were somebody else there, some folks couldhave gotten better explanations and further along b/c they had to wait between things)  … no, I didn’t even get into my office for an hour or three and I almost wish I *hadn’t* had time to peel off the outer sweat pants because after lunch a sprinkler head burst and we were evacuated for half an hour or so.

Now, I have to surmise that one reason students were so engaged as to come back even after evacuation is the whole ALEKS and Connect “pieces left to do” setup.   It wasn’t “there’s a homework assignment” it’s this practice regimen.

I also ponder whether students are more likely to believe in deadlines these days if they’ve had a thing online that just shut down at X time.

No, I didn’t even have time to check email, breathe, or anything else ’til 4:45 — but as with lunch (when I was gently told to go take it ;)) … students left, including the one saying “will I see you on the Green,” which reminded me to get prepped and out the door on time.

Whew!   I’m ready for the weekend 🙂


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