California, here I come!

Posted on February 2, 2019


Yes, my session was picked for TMC19 — so I’ll get to talk about the times tables 🙂   Mainly I’ll get to *go* and not be keeping somebody else from going.   I was told that my “how I’m going to address equity” should be revisited for future submissions; I wonder what would have been sufficient and just how many folks got that in their acceptance.   I wonder so much about the subtle social rules w/ the TMC community 😉   Guess I didn’t break too many of them last summer…

this pic was Friday, after the sprinkler head broke.  The hallway behind the wall behind me was under water…  The five computers behind me had been hoisted, the carpet tiles removed, and a big fan plopped down for me to turn on when I left.   Hoping that the little dampness in my office doesn’t create issues…   Yes, lots of coats as people were trying to warm up.   It was still below freezing out there, though well above zero (in the 20’s I think).



…  wishing I’d held off a day on the job app b/c I got a response from a reference I wish were in there after I sent it.   Decided that … references aren’t the thing that gets one past the first pass anyway so if there’s further communication I’ll mention it… and I’ve got it for … any Next Thing.

… and I’m going to at least spend 1 hour on Geogebra seeing if I can make times tables stuff there 🙂   It’s tough to figure out just what is the best way to get things that anybody can get to and use.

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